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Latest from the Blog

April update

Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s may already. Don’t got a lot to report right now, but VHS witch has just surpassed 20k words! I think I’m over halfway done with the draft now, so I’m feeling pretty enthusiastic! Hoping to finish it in 2 or 3 months. Then onto finding beta readers and editing it!… Continue reading April update

March Update

Ok! Been spread out over a number of projects this month. First off, VHS Witch! 16.8k words into that. Hope to prioritize it next month. Was at a bit of a stumbling block but I think I’ve managed to overcome it. Some personal art! Some fun lil doodles, might not post any of them here,… Continue reading March Update

February Update

Okay! Okay I swear I’m going to not miss March’s update Anyway. Work on VHS Witch has been a bit slow and I’m not sure why. However I am 14k words and ready to start the chapter 12 draft. In other news, I’ve been enlisted by a site called Game Chronicles to write game reviews… Continue reading February Update

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