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Writing Gallery

  • Short Stories:
    • The Bog– An athletic loner finds herself in a mysterious, otherworldly bog, trying to avoid death, or worse.
    • The Watcher– An unknowable eldritch entity spies an odd blue planet, and decides to watch what happens.
    • Exiles– A humble author is exiled from the last normal place in the world and forced to survive a hostile and magic-scarred landscape.
    • Frikka– A professional monster hunter picks up the scent of a man-eating monster. To hunt it she must do the unthinkable: blend in at a fancy ball.
    • The Party– A magical girl intervenes in a monster attack just in time to face one of her greatest challenges yet: a young girl’s birthday party.
    • Brigette– An aspiring singer has a strange dream that makes her plans go up in flames.
  • Interactive fiction
    • Celfense– A trio of stories about heroes summoned to aid a kingdom in a time of need. A project created for Capstone at IUPUI, Spring 2021.
    • The Virus– Unfinished. A mystery wherein an antivirus program must locate the cause of some computer problems. A visual novel made for the Toadhouse 2021 Visual Novel Game Jam.
    • Mycosis– The story of a girl, her sibling, and the otherworldly fungus infesting them. The first act of a script I was tasked with writing for a Screenwriting and Storyboarding class at IUPUI, fall of 2020.
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